Crowe Tax Diagnostic

Understand your organisation’s tax risks and identify the steps necessary to reduce them.

Depending on the answers provided, the survey includes a number of self-assessment questions about your organisation’s position regarding taxes, including:

  • general tax profile
  • VAT
  • corporate tax
  • employment tax.

Upon completion you will be provided a PDF report which highlights your risk areas and suggested actions to take to reduce this and ensure stronger tax governance.

About your business

Organisation/business name
Telephone number
Email address
Job title
Level of company/group’s turnover
Level of the company/group’s gross balance sheet asset value
Number of employees in the company/group
How many active companies are there in the group?
How many overseas trading subsidiaries do you have?
How often do you trade internationally to/from the UK
Do you have branches (of the same legal entity) overseas?
In the last two years has your business undertaken any real estate property transactions? (tick any)
Purchased property
Sold Property
Property reorganisation
In the last two years has your business carried out any non-routine transactions such as the acquisitions / disposals of businesses? (tick any)
Acquired a business/company
Sold a business/company
Other transaction

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